Students with Antony the Polar Explorer

Together We Are Stronger

by Emilie (Vouziers)

The food and the customs are very different. For example, the French, Spanish and Germans don’t wear uniforms at school, it’s just the English! And English people eat at 5 pm – it’s very strange!

This week, I learnt a lot about the sea, animals, and flowers. It was very interesting.

I think the future will be pessimistic, but humans are selfish. They don’t respect the environment – too much waste and too much pollution.

I would want to provide solar panels in countries with a lot of sun, and wind turbines in countries with a lot of wind. And I want to protect the ice caps, as I’ve met a man (an explorer) who has walked to the North and South Poles.

Finally, I want to stay in contact with my Comenius friends in the future, because if we work together, we will be stronger.

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