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The Website Class

Hi, this is our class. In this class we design, program and edit two websites.

  • This website, the “Future Visions” Website of the Comenius Project 2013 – 2015.
  • The website of our school “Schule an der Mühle” in Bad Bederkesa.

The school’s website is mainly for students, parents and teachers. If, for example, a family moves to  Bederkesa, they could get informations about our school and see what’s going on.

Among others, we learn how to edit images and how to program HTML and CSS. We also learn how to edit content with the Content Management Systems “Typo3” and “WordPress”.  When our Comenius partners from France, England and the Canary Islands send us new informations, we learn how to procress these and put them online.

The class is scheduled for Fridays 9.50 am to 11.20 am.

And here are some pictures from our lessons:

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