The Food in France

To eat the food at the canteen was a change for us Germans because we don’t have lessons in the afternoon and so eat at home. But there was a huge variety of food and so there certainly was something for everybody.
We had the English meal on monday which was Fish and Chips.


The next days we were at the Futuroscpe and eat there. On Thursday we had the German food which was Bockwurst with potato salad. On Friday we eat the Spanish meal Paella.
At the host family’s we had French food in the morning and in the evening but of course there was something different to eat at each family.
At the farewell party we had a kind of potato casserole. Trimmings were mostly bread and salad and not trimmings like rice, noodles etc. we use to eat at home.
Anyway, the food was good all the time. Nobody ever complained.

Malte & Gerrit

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