Newspaper Article from the Nordsee-Zeitung 12/04/2014

Article Nordsee-Zeitung from April 2014

School partnership taking off

Beerster students make contacts in France – Comenius project for innovative education throughout Europe

BAD BEDERKESA. For a week they were in Vouziers, a small community of the region Champagne-Ardenne in northern France. Now they are back, 13 students and three teachers from Beerster Schule an der Mühle. What sounds like a school trip, is part of the Comenius project “Future Visions”.

Comenius is a Programme for Lifelong Learning by the European Union, the Beerster project is available online at

“We can now look back at three successful projects,” says teacher Andreas Schulz. Together with a team of staff he is responsible for the application to participate in Comenius, the European program for school education. Part of the description: “It allows innovative ways of cooperation and partnership between schools in Europe.”

Participated three times in a row

Three times in a row now, the school has participated in Comenius projects, and all of them were judged “exemplary” by the Commission, and chosen as “Star Projects” in the European database of European Shared Treasure (EST), “Awards that are chosen rarely and of which we can be proud, “says Schulz.

The project “Future Visions” is about visions of the future. The concept is aimed at providing students with a better awareness of self-responsibility for shaping their personal and social future. As partners of Schule an der Mühle, the Collège Multisite Vouziers in France, Bodmin College in England, and the school IES La Rocha on Gran Canaria were also successful in their application, and by April 2015, all schools will have visited each other. The Beersters have made ​​a start.

“In addition to numerous workshops, a visit to the leisure park “Futuroscope” in Poitiers and a short stay in
Paris, we presented the results to the host parents on the final evening,” says Schulz.

The accommodation in host families provided enough opportunities to remove language barriers. “With our French we didn’t get far, but English mostly worked,” most of the returnees revealed. And despite linguistic difficulties: “The farewell from my host family was not without tears,” Maya Krüdener admits. (ens)

Caption of main image:

Caper in front of Eiffel tower in Paris: The cheerful group of Beerster students in the Comenius project.

Caption of “Maya Krüdener (14), Großenhain

“The host mother could speak German, the two daughters English. Parting was hard for me.”

Caption of Marei Helmke (14), Drangstedt

“I painted Earth with a facebook logo onto the project’s wall. That’s the future.”

Caption of Gerrit Kahrs (14), Elmlohe

“We communicated in English. I hope there were no big disasters.”


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