Futoroscope Entrance

Futuruscope for Futurevisions

The experience in Futuruscope was amazing!

First, on Tuesday, we got up really early to take a bus at six o’clock. The first part of the journey was a little bit boring, because we were tired and so.

Metroentrance in Paris

At nine o’clock in the morning we arrived to Paris, we did a little tour around the city and then we took some pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower. After that we could eat and some of us went up the Eiffel Tower. It was amazing.

Then we were again in the bus. Now, everything was funnier, everybody was animated, so we spoke a lot with the French, German and English people.

Foto of the whole group in Futuroscope

Finally we arrived to Poitiers. After we had dinner we saw a show, it were about projections and animations on the water, amazing. That night we slept in Futuruscope’s hotel, what was funny too.

Raving RabbitNext day, the park was awesome, there were lot of things to do there. We spent almost the whole day there. There were so interesting short films about the nature and the future, funny amusement and many more things.

Futuroscope Landscape

Sadly, we had to go. Now we were tired, but we were singing and talking in the bus, but after dinner, everybody was asleep. Finally we arrived to Vouziers at 00:00 of Thursday.

Futuroscope Exit

Álvaro Pérez Benavides (Telde)

2 thoughts on “Futuruscope for Futurevisions”

  1. How beautiful !
    And we were lucky ! the weather was beautiful too!
    We had a lot free time to discover most of the attractions:
    dance with robots, arthur et les minimoys, chocs cosmiques,
    le petit prince.

  2. I have liked this week passing with you all , my friends and teachers !!!! It was GREAT for me !!!! You are all FANTASTIC ,
    and I am impatient of you to see again

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