Dancing in Vouziers

In the third week of March some Comenius students prepared a dancing for the farewell party. This took place in Vouziers (Reims, France). On the first day at Vouziers school we had to choose which activity we wanted to do.

The performance group practising

Aarón, a school mate, said me that I had to put my name in one of list for the activities. I didn’t know why, so I put my name in any one. After that he said me that I had to dance. But, I don’t like dancing so I thought: “Shit”. First, we started to make our dancing, adding some steps and removing another ones. Finally, we finished to create our dancing and we started o to rehearse it. I’m not a good dancer. I’m very bad, but everything was very well. We only had three days to prepared, so we had to do it very quickly. The week went very fast and Friday arrived, it was the moment. There were some mistakes, but it was very well. I think that the people laughed and enjoyed it.

The performance group on coveralls

I put my name in dancing list for a mistake, but I don’t regret for it. It was really fun and I was the only one representative Spanish dancer.

By Ulises, the only Spanish dancer.

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