The hosts from the show in Telde

The Show

by Pia (Bad Bederkesa)

At first we (Bea, Lea, Mel and me) met, said „Hello“ and were looking into the audience. We found an Elixier. On the bottle there was written: ,,If you drink this, you will be young forever”. We saw Mario in the audience, who had to drink it. He disappeared behind a wall, where a student made a breakdance. He looked like Mario when he was younger.

After this we went to a mural, that was made by another group from our Comenius Project. We went back to the stage and watched a film of the week (look back).

Next Andrea sang the song ,,Pretty Hurts” from Beyonce, accompanied by a guitar played by Daniel. Then there was a stage play about a robot, he called Lenny. After that Andrea and Daniel performened another song. This tim eit was ,,Wrecking Ball” from Miley Cyrus. After that Spanish students performened the „Thriller“ dance from Michael Jackson.

The headmaster of the Spanish school then said some words about the Comenius project and about the wonderful week. Other teachers said their Thank Yous to all and gave some presents to the Spanish hosts. The dancers from ,,Thriller” danced ,,Gangnam Style” and told the other Comenius students to ,,come on and dance with us” at the end.

The show was amazing and funny. I think that it’s incredible to make a show like this in two days with people, who don’t speak your own language.

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