The French School

We really liked the trip to France because we experienced a lot. Even if it was only for a week, we had a lot of fun being at another school and to contribute to the daily routine.

Vouziers School Administrative Building

The educational system and the school building were different compared to our German school. Students in Vouziers don’t have a fixed classroom and rotate with every lesson. The afternoon lessons also were different from ours. We are used to it, too, but the French students have afternoon lessons every day until 17:00. They have a lunch break of two hours. During that time they eat in the canteen were we eat too. They have a wide range of meals.

Vouziers Schoolyard

We were happy that we could participate in the French lessons. We were welcomed with open arms and included into the class. We talked about Germany because the students were interested in the topic.

Vouziers School Main Building

The facilities of the school were a little different but that was no problem for us. We are happy that we were given the chance to participate in the every day life of the French students.

Certainly we recommend such an exchange because you will experience much, you will become more self-confident and you will meet a lot of nice people.

Sophia & Bilke

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