Spanish Team on the Eiffel Tower

Our first visit to Vouziers. What an experience!

We had been looking forward this day for months, when finally the 16th of March came, and it began a fantastic week.

Spanish Team at the Air Port

We arrived to Belgium rather tired because of the long travel we had have and we reencountered “Don Raúl” who drove us to Vouziers. On the way, we were really surprised, the landscapes were amazing and beautiful, all was green and full of plants so our first impression of France was positive. Although we were falling asleep, we could enjoy the impressive sunset.

When we arrived to the meeting point where we knew our host families, on one hand we were so nervous, we had like butterflies in the stomach and on the other hand we were frozen because it was too cold for us. Once we met them, each one went with “the new family” to rest.

The next morning at school, we all were agreeing in one thing, our families were polite and lovely so we felt like at home. We were so glad because we saw some English boys and French people that we already knew from last project, and we really missed them. Fortunately, shyness went out and we talked and introduced ourselves to the rest of the people taking part in the project. All teachers were so kind and we could speak with them to sort out some issues without problems, they were really nice people.

Students in the French schoolyard

The sun didn’t shine as much as in Canary Islands, that’s why we used to wear two or three coats on. Anyway we enjoy the weather, it was a different way of life and little by little we got ourselves used to were less coats.

Concerning school, there are lots of differences between French schools and Spanish ones. In France, pupils have classes from eight am until five pm, which includes two hours for eat and relax, however we prefer Spanish system, where we stay at school between eight am and two pm with a break of half an hour. But “Paul Drouot” infrastructures are much better than “La Rocha” ones, they have a football pitch, a rugby pitch, a dining room… they even have a part where students can sleep, so it is like a boarding school.


In summary, our impressions about Vouziers are all positive, we had fun, we made lots of friends that we still in contact with them, and we also learnt French… Definitely we would repeat this experience hundreds of times and we all are looking forward February to see you again, don’t forget us, because we won’t ever forget you!!

Aarón (Telde)

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