Newspaper Article from L’Union, Vouziers 27/03/2014

The first article from Vouziers’ local press L’Union:

Image of an newspaper article in Vouziers


Students are working on future

The collège participates in the fourth project. It’s an exchange with young people from foreign countries. The students of the 4th grade worked on the theme Future Visions with their German, English and Spanish partners.

An excursion to Futuroscope was made. The results of it was a fashion show made more futuristic.

Also a mural was done where everyone was left to their imaginations of the future. And the students buried their testimonials, recipes of each country and an interview with politician on the future in a box on the last day. It will be unearth in ten years.

Caption of the photo: The students from Vouziers and their foreign peers working on the future.


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