Image of hands opening a mysterious box containing light

Future Box

To best relive this Comenius Project, visit the pages of the countries, as you find them in the menu.

The pictures there all have captions to let you know what happend.

When we buried theTime Capsule in Bodmin, students from each country recited a little poem in their language.


The Final Show

The main event was of course the Final Show of this Comenius Project. Students started working on it in groups from our first visit to Vouziers. Some thinks we kept, others went.

For the Final Show we had four groups.

  1. The group of hosts, with their own little play about visiting the future.
  2. The Fashion group, first making and then showing their Future Fashion.
  3. The Performance group with their special Robot Dance.
  4. The Musics group which made, recorded and mixed the music for the Fashion show with iPads. The live performance was a bonus because the group started jamming cornish tunes in their breaks.

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