Robot by Lena and Frederike

Building A Robot

by Lena (Bad Bederkesa)

On the first day at the Spanish school we were divided into three groups in which we stayed throughout the whole week. On Thursday we got the task to build a robot to think about the future. One of them should be made from plastic and two from cardboard.

Suddenly Frederike and me, we were building our own robot with the help of the English teacher Ms. Prior. It was made from plastic, cardboard and everything a robot of the future needs. Built by two Germans and one English – very international.

On the next day we painted our robot in pink and gray and we put our handprints on it. In the breaks we got help from two Spanish students who were not part of the Comenius Project.

We had a lot of fun and the atmosphere was relaxed and easygoing. The robots of the other groups also looked great.

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