Bodmin Colllege pupils’ trip opens window on the wider world

By Cornish Guardian  |  Posted: March 22, 2015

Comenius Students in Telde, Gran Canaria
LOOKING OUTWARD: Bodmin College students with peers from French, Spanish and German schools taking part in the exchange project in Gran Canaria.

A GROUP of Bodmin College students have returned from Gran Canaria after the third meeting of a European community exchange project.

During their stay they put their predictions for the future in a time capsule which was buried in the small town of Telde by the local mayor.

The Future Visions project, funded by the EU, has four school partners and aims to get the students to work collaboratively and think about their own futures, their place in Europe and the future as a whole.

The trip offered a chance to work with students from France, Spain and Germany, while staying with host families helped them develop their practical language skills as well as getting a real taste and appreciation of the cultural differences between the nationalities.

“Staying with a host family was a new adventure for us, and although it was strange at first the Spanish families were so caring and friendly that we soon integrated and really enjoyed the positive experience of living in a foreign home and becoming part of a new family for a week,” explained one of the Bodmin students involved.

Throughout the week the students collaborated on a variety of practical and experimental projects. They visited the science museum in Las Palmas and the INTA satellite communication station, where they learnt about the use of technology for monitoring a range of things such as sea temperature, plastic in the oceans and broadcasting.

These activities also provided an insight into the varied career pathways available in scientific research.

Creative activities were also part of the programme. In one session the students devised and produced a short play set in the future where robots lived alongside humans, and in another session focused on creative writing the students wrote letters to themselves about expectations and life predictions for their future. These letters were sealed into a time capsule and buried during a ceremony with the mayor of Telde.

The college’s Karen Bessell said: “The European exchange project has been extremely rewarding to all those who have been involved.

“The fourth and final exchange is to be hosted by Bodmin College in April; the college will throw open its doors offering fabulous Cornish hospitality and a packed program of activities to all our international guests.”

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